In recent years, a whole series of new interspecific table grapes (by crossbreeding table grapes with resistant wild varieties) have come onto the market, which, in addition to special fruit qualities, are also particularly fungus-resistant (German abbreviation: Piwi). In this way you can enjoy delicious table grapes from the beginning of August until after the first frost without chemical plant protection measures.

Some of these piwi varieties are also seedless or rudimentary, i.e. they have only small soft seeds which are not noticeable when consumed.


medium sized clusters with medium sized berries, fruity taste, straight growth, good lignification, ripens in early August.

Königliche Esther

medium sized clusters, firm, round, fruity berries, adequate for locations with conditions that lead to late harvests, ripens in early August.


very large clusters, very large golden-yellow, attractive berries with fruity taste, seedless, ripens starting at the end of August.

Foto: Hubert Siegler, LWG Veitshöchheim


large, attractive, compact clusters, large oval berries, fine fruity aroma, ripens at the end of August.

Prim Palatina

large clusters with medium sized, oval berries, fine nutmeg aroma, very tasty, ripens at the end of August.

Muskat bleu

medium sized, loose clusters, firm berries, spicy nutmeg aroma, ripens at the end of August.

New York = Lakemont

medium-sized clusters, small round berries, loose clusters, frost-resistant; seedless, ripens at the end of August - beginning of September.


medium-sized cluster, medium sized berries, loose clusters, firm skin, fruity, ripens late August - early September.

Gustoso - Romulus

medium-sized cluster, small berries, intensely sweet, frost-resistant; seedless, ripens at the beginning of September.


large cluster with large, firm berries, round, with few seeds, fruity, fine nutmeg taste; ripens early to mid-September.


large loose cluster with large, elongated, attractive berries, fruity and sweet, ripens in mid-September.


large, loose, beautifully shaped cluster; large, firm, oval berries, mildly fruity, ripens in mid-September.

Sissy (Pölöskei M.)

medium-sized cluster, medium-sized berries, excellent nutmeg flavour, botrytis resistant, ripens in mid-September.


large cluster, large, plum-shaped berries, very botrytis-resistant; poor in seeds, ripens in mid to late September.

Isabella blau

large clusters, medium sized, oval berries, fox taste, Uhudler variety, ripens at the end of September.