is a mutation of ´Springcrest´ and ripens from early to mid-July. Starcrest is very nicely coloured, not very hairy, big with good taste and therefore the most interesting yellow fleshed peach in this ripening period. Starcrest´s stone rarely splits and does not separate easily. The tree grows very strongly, is robust and produces medium yields.


This self-fertilising variety from Halehaven ripens in the third to fourth week of ripening, from end of July to the beginning of August. The fruit is medium to large in size and predominantly dark carmine red in colour; yellow flesh that does not come off from the stone; the tree grows moderately strong, is early and high-yielding.


This main variety ripens in the fifth to sixth week of ripening, around the middle of August; the fruit is large, slightly hairy and has a bright carmine red colour on half its surface; the flesh is yellow-orange, tender, juicy, sweet-sour, aromatic and come off the stone stone well. The tree grows moderately strong and forms upright growing small crowns. It produces early, very rich and regular yields.

New peach varieties with yellow flesh

In the last 10 years almost only Redhaven has been recommended and planted in Austrian peach cultivations for wholesalers. From the point of view of the market and of growers this was right: a sufficient quantity of Austrian peaches could be advertised and supplied for at least a short time and Redhaven is robust, grows very pleasantly and bears very regularly. Due to its fine hairiness, Redhaven has to be brushed and harvested very firmly. Internationally, however, varieties with little or no hairs and very early colouring have been planted in recent years, making Redhaven increasingly difficult to market.

However, many of these varieties of the new generation are cultivated primarily for warm growing areas. The following varieties have proven to be the best in our climate:

SPRING LADY® merspri

Ripens in the second half of July, one week before Dixired. Spring Lady is very beautifully coloured, large and very good in taste. Very frost resistant. Spring Lady, like all early varieties, does not come off from the stone very well, but rarely splits.

A very interesting early variety ripening between Starcrest and Dixired.

ROYAL GEM®+ zairegem

Royal Gem is very intensively dark red coloured with orange-yellow flesh and very good taste. Royal Gem ripens at the same time as Dixired, its stone can be removed better than this one and has a better fruit quality. The tree grows very vigorously and is not quite as highly yielding, frost-resistant and crimp-resistant as Redhaven. In this ripening period, however, it is our best early variety.

Avalon Pride®

Avalon Pride is yellow fleshed peach ripening one week before Redhaven, approx. with Dixired that is also resistant to leaf curl. The fruits are large, beautifully coloured, velvety hairy and of very good fruit quality - like all early varieties the stone cannot be removed easily. The tree grows medium strong, compact, produces very good and early yields.


Royal Glory ripens with or 2 days before Redhaven and has best chances to replace it in cultivation for the wholesale trade. Royal Glory is very large-fruity and colours very early in dark red; the flesh is brightly orange and firm; very good for transport and storage; excellent taste; comes off the seeds very well;

Compared to Redhaven, Royal Glory grows stronger, does not grow blossoms as intensively and therefore requires less work when thinning out; it is as frost-resistant in winter as Redhaven, slightly less resistant to frost and slightly more robust to leaf curl.

VISTARICH®+ zainobe

ripens shortly after Redhaven and is of excellent quality.

The fruit is very large, deep dark red with orange flesh, very good taste, very sweet, almost without hair and not as sensitive to insects and monilia as Rich Lady®.

The tree does not grow as vigorously as Rich Lady®, yields higher yields and is also much more robust.

Within the new peach generation - varieties with very large, dark-coloured, transportable fruits - Vistarich® is one of the most robust varieties, which together with Royal Glory® also makes it interesting for wholesalers in organic peach cultivation.


is a yellow-fleshed peach, which proved to be the most robust in a biological experiment at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Sciences in Vienna. Jayhaven matures one week after Redhaven and is very similar in appearance and taste. In the 5-year trial period, Jayhaven was over 10% more productive than Redhaven with a slightly higher fruit weight, better opaque colour development and a higher proportion of marketable fruits. The fruits were slightly more hairy and as good for transport and storage as Redhaven. The very low susceptibility to leaf curl and fruit monilia, the very high yield and fruit quality such as Redhaven make Jayhaven particularly interesting for home gardens and organic farming. The tree grows a little stronger than Redhaven.


Ripens with Suncrest and can replace it in the future due to its excellent fruit quality. Princess is large-fruity, very nicely coloured, sweet, spicy - aromatic with very fruity acidity; the stone is removed easily; the tree grows medium strong, is robust and produces very early, high and regular yields.


In Lower Austria it ripens at the end of August, a week after Princess, is also very large-fruity and bright and dark red in colour. The flesh is orange-yellow, of excellent taste and comes off well from the stone. Symphony grows vigorously, very healthy and produces very high and regular yields.



Is an early maturing, very frost resistant vineyard peach and ripens one week before Red Robin - approx. mid July. The fruit is of medium size, beautifully coloured, sparsely hairy, very aromatic with fine acidity; the stone does not split and dissolves moderately. The robust tree grows medium to strong and is very high-yielding.


is an old, proven vineyard peach with reddish flesh. The growth is vigorous, the tree blooms abundantly and is very high-yielding; good resistance to winter frost; the fruit size is good for this ripening period, the fruit can already be harvested when still firm and is very nicely dark ruby red in colour. The flesh is very aromatic, pleasantly sour in taste and usually comes off well from the stone.


This French vineyard peach ripens at the same time or 2-3 days before Redhaven and has the very intense, typical wild peach taste. The flesh is cream-coloured, partly reddish veined, very juicy, sweet with pleasant fresh acidity. The fruit is round, 80% dark red in colour, larger than conventional vineyard peaches and without unpleasant hairiness.

The blossom is moderately late and self-fertile, the tree climatically very robust and frost-resistant.


is a particularly rich-flowering, frost-resistant, white fleshy peach. The fruit is particularly attractively coloured and has a very balanced sugar-acid ratio with an intensely aromatic aroma. Moderately stone-dissolving; the tree grows medium strong, branches very well and is very robust.

MIREILLE® meystar

can be harvested in the seventh week of ripening with Suncrest; the fruit is very beautiful, large and comparable to Redwing in appearance and fruit quality; good resistance to transport; the tree produces early and high yields, grows medium vigorously, requires regular pruning and is very resistant.


Ripens at the end of August and is a very nice, large-fruity white fleshy peach with good yields. The fruits are easy to store and transport; stone dissolving; Benedicte is only slightly susceptible to leaf curl.


This is a selection of vineyard peaches with the typical wild peach flavour that ripens in Poysdorf in mid-September. The fruit is large and very good in taste. The skin is green-red and compared to other vineyard peaches only slightly hairy.

The tree grows weak to medium vigorously, very robust against leaf curl, mildew, winter frost and blossom frost.