NECTARINES with white and yellow flesh


This nectarine with yellow flesh ripens in the third decade of July, - third week of the peach harvest. A bright ruby red colouring also in the tree interior, as well as an excellent taste quality with beautiful fruit size distinguishes this variety. When ripe well, the flesh usually detaches from the stone that no longer tends to split. The tree grows very vigorous and healthy.


It is a very aromatic nectarine with white flesh and the typical wild peach flavour; it ripens at the beginning of August. The fruit is large, finely sweet-sour, dark red in colour on a white-green base; firm flesh; stone-dissolving and likes to burst after heavy rainfall. The tree grows vigorously, forms broad crowns and produces rich harvests.


is one of the best nectarine varieties with yellow flesh concerning fruit quality. The fruits are very large and colour brightly red and very early, they taste very sweet and aromatic - even if they are not yet fully ripe, which allows an early picking date. Fully ripe fruits are sensitive to damage by insects.

The tree grows vigorously and produces medium yields.


Is a medium sized, dark red coloured nectarine with yellow flesh which is particularly noticeable for its tree health and winter frost resistance. Harblaze ripens from early to mid-August, tastes sweet and aromatic, dissolves the stone well and is not susceptible to insects and rot due to its robust skin. The tree grows medium strong, very beautifully and produces very early and very high yields.


is a new nectarine with white flesh that comes from the U.S.A. Snowdrop® ripens from mid to late August, the fruits are particularly large and have an intense wild peach flavour. The somewhat firm shell makes them very little sensitive to damages by insects and very burst resistant, which is a big problem with many nectarine varieties. The tree grows vigorously, healthy and branches very well.


is currently our largest and highest yielding nectarine variety; it ripens from late August to early September; the fruit is very large, yellow with a bright red washed cheek; the flesh is intensely yellow, sweet, aromatic, juicy and of excellent taste quality; firm skin causes low sensitivity to insect damage and good resistance to transport. The tree grows strong, erect and is very frost-resistant and winter hard.


is a very robust, late ripening nectarine variety from Italy. The very large fruit is completely brightly brilliant red coloured, only leaves sometimes cause an attractive yellow shade. The flesh is orange-yellow, spicy aromatic, very sweet with subtle acidity and dissolves very well from the stone. The tree grows medium strong, is very robust and blooms well. Its excellent winter and flower frost resistance results in very high and regular yields.