FLAT PEACHES and NECTARINES, with white and yellow flesh


is an extremely early (ripening 2 weeks before Starcrest), white fleshed peach variety. The fruit is medium sized (80-100g), dark red in colour, very sweet and with a honeyy flavour. Because of its juiciness and low transportability, it is particularly recommended for home gardens and direct marketing.


is a very early, white-fleshed flat nectarine from Italy and ripens here in Austria in early July. The fruits are medium in size (80-100g) and bright red in colour. The flesh is finely aromatic, juicy and very sweet. This, the smooth skin and the flat fruit shape make them very popular among children. As it likes to burst, it is important not to thin it out too early or in two passes. The tree grows vigorously, is very fertile and robust.

UFO 3®+

is the representative of the modern generation of peaches and with Ufo 4 most frequently found in the domestic supermarkets from Spanish cultivation and ripen here in the first half of July. They are larger (90-100g) and not as prone to bursting as the first generation of flat peach varieties. The flesh is ivory to white and very sweet, the skin 70% carmine red in colour. Compared to other flat peaches, this UFO generation is already very well suited for transport and storage. The tree grows very vigorously.

UFO 4®+

is very similar to Ufo 3, but ripens 3-4 days later. The fruit is slightly larger (approx. 100-120g) and 80-90% deep red in colour. The flesh is white and slightly veined red under the skin. The tree grows a little weaker than UFO 3.


is a new flat nectarine from Italy, medium in size (100-120g) and mostly bright red in colour. The flesh is firm with an excellent, very sweet taste. The tree grows strongly and very healthy, blossoms moderately late.


is a large-fruit mutation of 'Saturn' (100-120g) and a typical representative of the white fleshed varieties. Because of its extreme sweetness and low acidity it is marketed by many as the 'honey peach' and has become the favourite peach of children very quickly. Despite its juiciness, it is easy to eat because of its flat fruit shape.


is a yellow fleshed plate nectarine, medium in size (90-120g), mostly bright orange-red coloured, sweet and aromatic. The flower is moderately late, the tree grows vigorously.


is a well-tried, yellow fleshed flat peach from France. The fruits are large (100-140g), thick, with spicy aroma and yellow-red, little-hairy skin. The tree grows strong, broad and very healthy.


belongs to the new generation of French flat peaches with medium to large (100-130g) yellow-fleshed fruits.


is a large (120-150g), white-fleshed flat peach from Italy. The fruit is 60-80% red in colour on a white background. The taste is fine, honey-like spiced and very sweet. The tree grows very strongly and blooms late with very early and high yields.


This yellow fleshed flat peach was bred in France, is large (100-130g) and 60-85% red colored on an orange ground. The tree grows vigorously and blooms moderately late.


is a yellow-fleshed flat nectarine and, like Oriane®, ripens from the beginning to mid-September. The fruit is large (110-140g), dark red on an orange-yellow ground, with good eating quality: juicy and sweet, fine-celled and still storable for some time. The tree grows strong, upright with later, very intensive blooming.