Pear rootstocks


Kirchensaller Mostbirne (FRG); Tobiäsler (Switzerland); Freudiere (France) etc.

In contrast to quince, the seedling is better tolerated by the grafted varieties and is less susceptible to lime-induced chlorosis. The disadvantages are strong growth, a later start of yield, heterogeneity and a smaller fruit size with a poorer fruit quality.

QUITTE A (Quitte von Angers)

is our most important pear rootstock, it induces medium growth, good fruit set and good yield performance; better fruit size than with seedlings and good fruit quality. As with all quince rootstocks, an intermediate refinement for Boscs Flaschenbirne, Uta,... is necessary. Quitte A also shows high performance (yield, growth) on unfavourable sites and is significantly more frost-resistant and lime-compatible than Quitte C.


A selection from the Quitte der Provence ("quince of Provence"). It has a good affinity to Williams, Gute Luise and is somewhat lime compatible (up to 5% lime content). The growth is stronger than with the other quince rootstocks (approx. 70% of the seedling or 10-15% stronger than Quitte A). Good yield performance and good fruit size. Not suitable for humid locations.


It was selected by the Belgian nurseryman ADAMS from the Quitte von Angers and grows in the period between Quitte A and Quitte C. The yield is usually higher than on Quitte A and C, the frost resistance and lime tolerance is significantly better than on Quitte C.


Refined varieties grow about 10-15% weaker than Quitte A; early yield and very good yield performance; low lime tolerance. In warmer, drier climates, Quitte C suffers much faster and more strongly from stress, so in these circumstances often lower performance, smaller fruit size, poor growth, clear alternance, as well as increased tree losses can be observed. It is incompatible with many varieties (Williams, Bosc´s, Dr.J.Guyot, Conference etc.) and sensitive to winter frost.

FOX 11

is a new pear selection from Bologna developed by Prof. Marangoni. The vigour of growth corresponds to OHF 333 or Farold® 69, which it will replace in the future due to its extraordinary health. In various rootstock trials, Fox 11 repeatedly attracts attention with clearly greener and more vital leaves, which leads to excellent yield performance and fruit quality at the most diverse locations. Fox 11 has an adaptation width and lime compatibility.